Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Some numbers to ponder.......

It's finally 2006! I started my NY's goals 2 days late, only because I was having too much fun!

Measurements as of Jan 3:
ARM: 11.5"
WAIST: 36-36.5
HIPS: 43
THIGH: 23.5


All that being said, I am in a "20lb Weight Loss" challenge w/ people from SlowTwitch. Do your own thing but you have to post your weight WEEKLY! So, some extra motivation from that.

AUG: 84.21 - Just getting back into it, off injured list!
SEPT: 127.5
OCT: 134.67
NOV: 115.16
DEC: 48.12

Ha, guess when I fell off the wagon eh?! Could be a little more, could be little less. I didn't wear my Garmin for the last couple weeks of Dec.

But I am back at it. Only 12 weeks to the Around The Bay Road Race in Hamilton. I would like to be the 20lbs lighter. Equals 1.7lbs/week.
I've logged onto to help track my calories etc. Kinda a neat tool AND it's free.

IN: 1585
OUT: 3730

IN: 1138 - will be around 1550 by the time I hit bed.
OUT: 3923

They add in your "lifestyle" and basal(what you burn if you slept 24 hrs.) as well as exercise. I could up the calories a bit but for the first week, I'm keeping it lower to get used to starving :)

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Soft & Squishy!

That's me. Well, not yet as I haven't learnt how to post pics. etc.

Soft, squishy and out of shape - sort of. I can still run etc. but not at the level I was at ~ a month ago. Only 3 days till the New Year and the new training schedule.

Am really looking forward to it. I'll be home in time to do our town's Res. Run on the 2nd. Going to be brutally painful as 5K and I, NOT friends. BUT, the upside is I will only have faster to go :)
The time goal is 27:00-27:58.

I did some checking for calories needed for weight loss etc and I am around 1600-1800 so not bad. I think I will start aiming for 1600 to get the ball rolling. I picked up some Flax Seed, nuts and seeds for my salads and such. Something to look forward to. I also have Chapters $$ and hope to get a book/magazine as incentive to get my fat ass shaking!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Really, I do go Slow!

I'm starting this blog in anticpation of a busy(but fun) training year in 2006.
My goal is to complete an Ironman, in a decent timeframe. Along the way, I hope to work on some other sport goals.

Another main goal is to lose the cookie belly I have acquired. It's bothersome, ugly and well, I just plum don't like it.

I need to figure out how to post pics, weather and links on here.

I'll be back, possibly not till Jan 2 06. And on that day, I'll post my 2006 goals and training plan for the month.